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OrangeHRM’s Strategic Partnership with Definitiv ensures you a World Class Payroll Solution.

By Rosheena Jan 22, 2020

OrangeHRM, the World’s Most Popular & Friendliest HR Management System now has joined forces with one of the fastest, most accurate single touch payroll systems named Definitiv, a Payroll software company. 

This Integration Partnership capitalizes on each other’s strengths to help customers consolidate their people management processes.

While OrangeHRM‘s current offering is focused on HR, Definitiv specializes in providing a cloud-based payroll platform. 

Sujee Saparamadu, CEO of OrangeHRM is delighted to announce the Integration Partnership between OrangeHRM & Definitiv. 

‘Definitiv is one of the most spectacular Payroll systems we have seen so far. While OrangeHRM’s current offering is HR including the talent aspects, Definitiv specializing in payroll complements the OrangeHRM brand perfectly’. 

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About Definitiv.

A mobile and cloud-based Payroll platform, Definitiv has been designed to help enterprises simplify and automate their payroll processes.

Definitiv compromises of powerful enterprise-level functionality but the platform is designed to offer greater convenience, flexibility, and value for the people using it regardless of their level of expertise.

Put simply, Definitiv is built for people who employ people.

About OrangeHRM 

OrangeHRM provides organizations across the globe, tools to manage their data, talent and overall HR processes. A flexible and scalable solution designed to grow with you. We provide implementation, training, customizations, management consultation, knowledgeable customer support, and system maintenance. 

Use our expertise and enjoy the freedom to focus on what matters most to you—serving your clients.
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