Create Apps for OrangeHRM

By OrangeHRM | Published on 16 nov. 2011 | minute read

Are you a creative individual? Are you familiar with PHP & Smyfony? OrangeHRM is on the hunt for creative and productive HR apps that can enhance our HRIS. OrangeHRM Apps Store gives you space to create your own apps and present them to the global market.  All you need to do is, register and submit your idea to us. Our technical team will guide you to make your idea become an innovation that’s high on demand. OrangeHRM will give the best publicity to your app.

  • A  launch and marketing  campaign for your app in our website
  • A custom press release on your app
  • A blog post on our blog about your app
  • Forum and e-mail campaign for your app
  • Publish a video for your app

Let your innovations reach the globe. Register Now! Contact us on: Visit OrangeHRM Apps Store