IT Manager

A trouble free solution for your company.

Your job is to keep things working for the company. Because if things aren’t working, then the company is stalling. You need a reliable partner that has a strong SLA that you can depend on. Work with a partner like OrangeHRM to help you win at your job, integrate with other systems, and give you the availability to host the way you want to like in the cloud or premise.

World-Class Security Measures:

Reliable Cloud Service Provider - Rackspace: Rackspace offers a range of security benefits, including a 100% Network Uptime Guarantee for uninterrupted access to your HR data, industry-leading SLAs and Customer Satisfaction Scores to demonstrate their commitment to service quality, 24x7x365 certified experts support for rapid issue resolution, and regular independent security audits and certifications to verify compliance with ISO, SOC, PCI, and FISMA standards.

HR Administration


Keeping your coworker’s information safe and secure is the name of the game. With OrangeHRM you won’t need to worry about this because of our several layers of security. Please read our documentations below to see all of the details you need:


Seamless Integration

Integration with Active Directory, LDAP, Google Authentication, and SAML: Achieve a single sign-on (SSO) experience for your employees, simplifying user access management and ensuring a consistent and secure authentication process.
Versatile APIs: OrangeHRM's APIs enable effortless integration with various other systems, making it a comprehensive solution for your HR data needs.


Flexible Hosting (On-Premise vs Cloud)

At OrangeHRM, we understand the critical importance of hosting flexibility in meeting the diverse needs of our clients. Whether you prefer the agility of cloud-based hosting or the control of on-premise deployment, we have you covered. Our hosting solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure and workflows, ensuring optimal performance and security at every step.