OrangeHRM 7.11: Elevating HR Management

By OrangeHRM | Published on 28 sep. 2023 | minute read

In today's dynamic business landscape, the role of effective human resource management in organizational success cannot be overstated. As an organization or a company looking to enhance efficiency, transparency, and growth within your HR operations, the OrangeHRM 7.11 update is a pivotal tool to consider. In this blog, we will explore how OrangeHRM 7.11 can bring about a transformative impact on your HR department.

7.11 Updates

Time Tracking

  • Audit Trail for Attendance Configuration Changes

Within the core of HR operations lies the attendance configuration. In the OrangeHRM 7.11 update, all changes made in this vital configuration screen are subjected to a meticulous audit. This heightened level of scrutiny ensures that every modification is recorded, delivering transparency and accountability to attendance management.

  • Audit Trail for Attendance Punch Actions

Attendance data integrity is paramount. To uphold this, the update introduces audit trails for attendance punch actions and employee records. Whether it's punch in/out from web or mobile, additions, edits, deletions, or even punch actions via data upload CSV, each action is recorded, ensuring attendance records remain inviolate.

Performance Management

  • Cross Module Reports for Appraisal Summary

In the pursuit of comprehensive performance evaluation, cross-module reporting for appraisals is a game-changer. Within the "Performance Appraisal Review Summary" section, businesses can now generate insightful reports that provide a holistic perspective on employee performance.

  • Goal Integration with Appraisals

Streamlining the appraisal process is critical for organizational success. OrangeHRM 7.11 integrates goals seamlessly into appraisals. You can now access the appraisal form directly from the goal window, facilitating a more efficient process. This integration is further underscored by the ability to indicate added appraisals within the goal screen.

PTO/Leave Management

  • Leave List Filtration Improvements

Effective leave management is essential. In response to this need, the update introduces a new filtration option. This feature empowers users to filter the leave list to display only those employees reporting to the logged-in user, significantly simplifying leave administration.

Employee Management

  • Employee Management Usability Improvements

Efficient employee management is a cornerstone of HR success. OrangeHRM 7.11 enhances user experience by granting the ability to view multiple employee profiles in multiple tabs, thereby facilitating comprehensive oversight. Additionally, the user interface for displaying inactive status on employee profiles has been improved, providing enhanced clarity.


  • Candidate List Improvements

For organizations in pursuit of top talent, efficiency in recruitment is key. The update introduces batch loading for candidate profiles, enhancing system performance. Users will now experience a smoother and more efficient candidate screening process.

Reporting and Analytics

  • Feature Usage Tracking

Informed decision-making is the bedrock of corporate success. OrangeHRM 7.11 implements Elasticsearch integration for comprehensive feature usage statistics. This feature extends to scheduled reports, STLE, leave-in hours, goals cross-module reports, and goal weights, allowing businesses to make data-driven decisions that can reshape their HR strategies.

OrangeHRM 7.11 is more than an update; it's a catalyst for HR excellence within corporate environments. These enhancements address critical aspects of HR management, from attendance and appraisals to goal alignment and talent acquisition. With OrangeHRM 7.11, businesses can embrace a future of heightened transparency, streamlined processes, and data-driven decisions. Book your FREE demo today!