OrangeHRM Version 7.12 Redefines HR Management

By OrangeHRM | Published on 18 ene. 2024 | minute read

As you gear up for another busy year the one thing that you cannot ignore is how you can optimize your HR processes. Because human resources is not just about taking care of your people, it is about taking care of your people efficiently and ensuring that they perform to the best of their abilities. And with 75% of HR leaders believing that talent management gaps can hinder performance, the need to address your HR process and how they stack up becomes that much more important. That is where we step in with our latest version 7.12 upgrade. OrangeHRM brings you a selection of updates that can help redefine how you manage your workforce. Putting efficiency and a powerful HR software at your fingertips, OrangeHRM is your all-in-one HRMS solution that enables you to supercharge your HR department.

What’s New in 7.12?

Micro Level Control Over Work Schedules

Your employee work schedules are what keeps your company going. Effective allocation of work schedules can help your organization increase productivity and efficiency in a heartbeat. With OrangeHRM 7.12 supervisors and managers are able to assign work schedules effortlessly to their subordinates. This helps eliminate any confusion and lets your supervisors and managers assign work schedules that work best for your organization. After all, they know best about what works and what doesn’t within their teams. 

And that’s not all we have covered all our bases. You may be worried that users with this level of access can affect other fields in your job tabs. But with OrangeHRM this granular level access doesn’t mean that your supervisors or manager teams are able to change other important data. With work schedules they can seamlessly manage the worksheets without ever affecting any other important HR data. We’ve customized OrangeHRM so that you can run your operations smoothly by letting your experts handle their tasks on a macro level while you can focus on the bigger picture.

No More Hidden Costs

Have you ever wondered how much space your HRMS database has and if you need to pay if you exceed your space? Are you worried about the hidden costs that you may or not be charged when you run out of space? At OrangeHRM transparency is key. Our 7.12 version brings you the option of viewing your database space. This option allows you to make informed decisions regarding how your data is being handled in the HRMS. Not only that this means that there are no hidden costs that creep up on you come payment date and manage your data better.

Most Recent Updates

Manage Your Employee Performance Effortlessly


Managing employee performance better is what makes or breaks your HR strategy. Your performance evaluations gives you an opportunity to assess your workforce and derive data-driven insights into how your workforce performs. Autosave your rating changes in multiple view so that you won’t lose your data, see the actual percentage weight used for each goal based on the section weight, and switch employees in multiple view seamlessly. With OrangeHRM your performance management is just as easy as counting 1, 2, 3.

Enhanced Transparency With Audit Trail

See all of your changes in the ‘Source’ and ‘Performed Screen’ to see where your actions originated from. Increase transparency across the organization with access to data like was the action performed on desktop or mobile. It also provides specific details where the action was performed so you know where and when and by whom each action was performed.




Your Data Your Way

Ever had trouble sharing your HR data with your supervisors or other HODs? Well with OrangeHRM sharing your personalized reports is just a click away. Effortlessly share your most important employee insights with who you want. Make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

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