OrangeHRM @ xTuple Annual Conference 2013

By OrangeHRM | Published on 31 oct. 2013 | minute read

ERP systems aren’t complete with an HRM component in it. HR being a vast domain on its own, ERP software companies aren’t really able to pioneer this art. This was one of the main reasons for integration of the OrangeHRM system and the xTuple ERP. This integration puts together a complete power package to manage your business all from one single application.

Using the REST API system we have been able to integrate the OrangeHRM and xTuple with key feature being a centralized employee database. So for example, when a new employee joins a company his/her information will be updated in PIM and then the information will be available in xTuple as well. Also when an employee leaves the company he/she will be terminated from both the OrangeHRM system and the xTuple system. Customers will be able to import and export details about employees within the two systems.

Click here ( to watch a quick demo of some the key highlights.

This week xTuple hosted its annual conference in Norfolk, VA, United States where our CEO & Co-founder Sujee Saparamadu discussed and presented the current integrations and the roadmap of this partner. This year the event saw over 500 industry professionals and key note speeches from many experts.

xTuple Conference 2013 ( Photo credit: xTuple