The HR Dictionary

Occupational Stress

A person's job-related psychological stress is known as occupational stress. Occupational stress is a chronic illness. By identifying the stressful work environments and taking action to change them, occupational stress can be controlled. Having little control over their work, feeling unsupported by their managers or coworkers, or realizing that their efforts on the job are insufficiently rewarded can all lead to occupational stress. 

Causes of Occupational Stress

A more precise category of what causes occupational stress can be distinguished from a broad category that describes the primary occupational stressor. Bad management practices, the nature of the work and its demands, a lack of support or autonomy, and many other factors fall under the broad category of occupational stresses. Working long hours, not having the necessary abilities for the job, experiencing harassment and discrimination, and many more are some of the more specific reasons for occupational stress.