The HR Dictionary

Passive Candidate

An applicant who is being considered for a position by an employer but who isn't actively looking for a new job is known as a passive candidate. Candidates that are passive have not applied for a position that is open and are not looking for work. Hiring managers do, however, find their credentials and experience intriguing and may therefore invite prospective candidates to interview first before beginning the employment process.

Active vs Passive Candidates

You receive employment applications from active applicants. They might decide after reading your job posting that they wish to apply for the position. You are more likely to hire the applicant if they are a good fit for your position. Candidates that are passive aren't actively looking for work. You must search for them in the open. They might need persuading that your business offers a better possibility than the competition. 

Different approaches are also required for recruiting active and passive applicants. You advertise widely when you're looking for motivated job candidates. You will receive applications, and it will be your responsibility to sort through the resumes to discover the ones that best suit your requirements. In contrast, this is true of passive candidates. After defining your needs, you go looking for matches.

Whether an organization is looking to recruit active or passive candidates an HRIS with recruitment capabilities can help make the recruitment process faster and more efficient enabling hiring managers to hire the perfect candidate who fits the role perfectly.