Head of Human Resources

Melanie Allanson


Not for Profit


Ireland, Nigeria





FoodCloud: Saving Food for the World and Time & Money for the Company


Established in 2013 by Iseult Ward and Aoibheann O’Brien, who have a shared vision of no good food going to waste, FoodCloud is a social enterprise that connects businesses with surplus food with charities that need it through innovative technology. Its mission is to transform surplus food into opportunities to make the world a kinder place.


“Orange was the only one that had all the functionalities we were looking for.”

Prior to switching to OrangeHRM, FoodCloud had been using another HR system, but it couldn’t do everything the company needed it to do. “We looked at several other companies for HR solutions, but many weren’t available to us because we have a small number of employees,” says Melanie Allanson, HR director for FoodCloud. 

Because OrangeHRM offers scalable HRM solutions for small and midsize businesses, they can meet the needs of companies such as FoodCloud with options that encompass the entire employment lifecycle. For FoodCloud, the choice was clear. “Orange was the only one that had all the functionalities we were looking for,” says Hanson. 


Leave Management

OrangeHRM’s Leave Management module is one of the main modules FoodCloud uses to audit employee time off.  “When employees request time off, their manager gets an email and can approve the leave right then and there,” Hanson says, citing the ease of managing employee leave with OrangeHRM.  Now, when making the work schedule, managers can easily reference the leave calendar to see who’s out on any given day and can then schedule accordingly, alleviating problems that might otherwise be overlooked.

Performance Management 

“This has helped us create a structured way of getting feedback to our employees,”

Before implementing OrangeHRM, FoodCloud wasn’t conducting annual reviews at all. Not only did this mean management had no way of tracking the performance of their employees, but they also had no idea who was struggling or excelling.  With OrangeHRM’s Performance Management software, managers now have a bird’s-eye view of employee performance and can set custom goals and assignments and collect feedback from peers and managers for performance reviews. The module also allows managers and employees to electronically sign off on performance reviews.  “This has helped us create a structured way of getting feedback to our employees,” Hanson says.  

Time Tracking 

“This was a great time saver.”

OrangeHRM’s Time Tracking module has been a game changer for FoodCloud. “The time tracking module allows us to easily keep track of our employees clocking in and out,” says Hanson.  Orange was able to make attendance tracking even more straightforward and simple by integrating FoodCloud’s ID badges, which employees must use to enter and exit the building, with the company’s time clock system.  Now, when employees enter the building with their badges, the system automatically clocks them in, and when they leave, they’re clocked out. “This was a great time saver,” says Hanson.


 “I felt like I was a customer instead of just a number.”

Not only is OrangeHRM a time and money saver, but the leading HRIS software company is also head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to customer service and flexibility.

At OrangeHRM, each customer is valued and unique. “I felt like I was a customer instead of just a number,” says Allanson.  “They weren’t just trying to sell me something.”  

She’s also happy to find a company that cares…and bends over backward to meet FoodCloud’s specific needs. “When we looked at other companies, I felt like they were trying to sell me a product out of the box that didn’t really fit my requirements.  But Orange was happy to make changes for us, so anything they didn’t offer, they were able to accommodate.”