Human Resources Manager

Max Pinzon




Garland, Texas and Costa Rica





Hypercore Networks: Insourcing HR Processes and Consolidating the HR Tech Stack


Hypercore Networks is a global provider of network security, data, and voice, with a range of ever-growing and ever-evolving solutions designed to fit a business’s individual needs. Focused on developing, deploying, and managing tailored connectivity and business solutions, Hypercore Network’s headquarters are located in Garland, Texas, with a satellite office in Costa Rica.


Dedicated to being the only partner businesses need to cover their network needs, Hypercore Networks prioritizes putting people before technology.

After outsourcing much of their HR needs, Hypercore Networks now utilizes OrangeHRM’s leave management, recruitment, time management, and performance review software modules. Hypercore Networks capitalizes on OrangeHRM's ability to store information on the cloud for easier accessibility. “Most places nowadays manage their information on the cloud, so if someone loses their computer or needs to access information remotely, they can do so. It’s a great option for us.”


Prior to implementing OrangeHRM, much of Hypercore Network’s HR data was either input manually, which was time-consuming, or outsourced to a third-party, often resulting in delays.  

Leave Management

“We now have all of the info in one place at our fingertips instead of having to request it from an outside vendor.”

Without in-house, comprehensive HR management software, Hypercore Networks outsourced its leave management to an outside vendor.  As a result, when they needed information to answer employee queries about paid time off or to compile reports for various departments, it would take two to three business days to get the requested information, making them less efficient. 

OrangeHRM’s leave management tool allows everyone—from managers to employees— to see all the information at one time, and in one place, from anywhere in the company, without having to wait on outside sources to compile the data.  Now employees can easily request time off, and managers have insight into potential staffing needs before they happen. “We now have all of the info in one place at our fingertips instead of having to request it from an outside vendor.”


Hypercore Networks was able to reduce their recruitment time to 30 days or less from the previous average of 45 days with OrangeHRM! (separate call-out design)

Hypercore Network’s recruitment process consisted of manually posting job openings on job boards or social media. They kept track of their recruiting efforts on Excel sheets, which made it hard to create a proper pipeline. As a result, filling a position often took 30 to 45 days or more.

OrangeHRM simplified all these processes, making it easier for Hypercore Networks to manage recruiting information and saving them time by allowing them to find and hire qualified candidates faster. Now they can publish and manage job postings in one place, create hiring templates, and customize application forms and questions, making recruitment efficient and seamless.  “Once we implemented OrangeHRM, hiring time was reduced, and we’re now able to hire in 30 days, and sometimes less.  That has helped us a lot.” 

Time Management/Time Tracking

“Time management it’s a great tool for us because we can see all the information we need in one place at any given time”

Before implementing OrangeHRM, Hypercore Networks utilized another software tool for time management, but when they had issues with the tool, the company was unresponsive, leaving them high and dry.

Not only does OrangeHRM allow Hypercore Networks to keep track of the time employees spend working on different projects and tasks and manage overtime, OrangeHRM offers unparalleled customer support, with a help portal, email support, and a support hotline. “With OrangeHRM, we always get a fast response,” says Max Pinzon. “The tool is also very user-friendly, which reduces mistakes.

Performance Management

“We can monitor the employees’ area of improvement and we can compare where those areas have actually improved from one appraisal to the other”

Hypercore Networks was also tracking their employees’ performance manually. Not only did this require an inordinate amount of time, but due to human error, it led to more mistakes.

After adopting OrangeHRM’s performance management module, Hypercore Networks can now monitor employees’ areas of improvement and assess their progress.  With built-in goal-tracking, electronic performance signoff, and a 360-degree view of each employee’s review, Hypercore Networks now has an efficient and accurate holistic view of who’s succeeding and who needs additional support, helping their company grow and thrive.


“I reviewed several HRM solutions. and I liked Orange from the beginning because of the features it had. It also simplified the solutions we needed.  It’s very simple.” 

Additionally, Hypercore Networks has found OrangeHRM’s customer service to be second to none. “The support we get from OrangeHRM is great,” he continues. “I appreciate the accessibility to talk to customer support.  If I need to make a call or request a meeting, I can reach out to someone and get a quick answer, which is a plus.”  

With OrangeHRM’s exceptional security, Hypercore Networks can focus on what they do best without worrying about hackers. “We’ve never had any issues.”