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Solving Leave Management Challenges & Implementation During COVID-19

“I would absolutely recommend OrangeHRM to other companies. I think it’s [Leave Management module ] a very economical solution and it does provide a great user-friendly experience for both management and employees.”


Merrco is a secure payment processing solution for cannabis and regulated businesses. Merrco helps businesses thrive by bringing seamless, secure payment solutions to the market and making payments smarter, and simpler every step of the way. They keep customers compliant in regulated industries providing them a strong competitive edge with payment solutions tailored to their specific business needs. Based in Canada, they process payments for thousands of happy business owners across North America.


As a start-up in the FinTech industry, Merrco has experienced significant business growth in just 5 years. Like most start-ups, they were working with small teams and manual processes to ramp up business operations. As they continually added talent and expanded locations, they needed to look for ways to simplify and automate processes that could scale as they continued their growth journey. One area of focus was in the HR function, specifically around employee leave management. With multiple locations and growing staff, it became too cumbersome to manage employee leave management through manual spreadsheets and word-of-mouth. There was no visibility across the entire organization to effectively plan and balance resources when employees were out of the office. Adding new offices and remote working environments contributed to the leave management challenge. Merrco needed a solution that could address its current challenges and seamlessly scale as the business continued to grow. They needed a new solution that was automated, easy to implement, and of course cost-effective.


A Trusted HR Partner

Working with industry leader OrangeHRM, Merrco found a partner that could provide the leave management and PTO functionality they needed for their business. With OrangeHRM Leave Management, they can now track all forms of employee leave with visibility across the entire organization. With a simple request & approval leave interface, PTO calendar, and automated PTO accrual system - managing the entire leave management process has never been easier. Employees can easily request time off and view their PTO balances through the PC or mobile app. With the PTO calendar, management can get a view of all leave requests for a given time period to help them better manage new time-off requests and ensure there is appropriate coverage in place for the business. Management also has the option to nominate other employees that can provide cover while people are out to ensure no work falls through the cracks.

Another great feature of OrangeHRM’s solution is the ability to define leave and PTO accrual policies unique to the business and types of employees. With customized solution flexibility, Merrco now has exactly what they needs for a robust end-to-end leave management program.

Great Implementation Experience

“Extremely convenient, very user friendly, and the mobile app is superior to the PC app - employees love it and I love it as well!”

Despite starting implementation during the global COVID pandemic with all teams working remote, implementation was seamless and worry-free. The OrangeHRM team was a great partner - very responsive in addressing all of Merrco’s questions. They were also able to customize controls to better meet Merrco’s specific requirements. It was a great experience working with OrangeHRM.

OrangeHRM provides a complete and customizable HR solution that enables organizations to perform all HR operations with ease. An industry leader in human resource management, its secure web-based software helps organizations manage their people, talent, and HR processes across the globe.