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How Rutgers University (DoCL) saved over $166,000 Per Year with OrangeHRM


Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, is the oldest, largest, and top-ranked public university in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area. One of America’s highest-ranked, most diverse public research universities, Rutgers operates three main campuses in New Jersey: New Brunswick, Newark, and Camden. With over 69,000 students, 530,000 alumni, and $907.9 million in research grants and sponsored programs, the university is an academic, health, and research powerhouse.


Ranked by Forbes as one of the top 100 Best Large Employers in America, Rutgers employs over 24,800 people. Rutgers Department of Continuous Learning (DOCL) which employs 700 people, uses OrangeHRM's recruitment, onboarding, training, leave, and time tracking features to streamline their HR processes. This has saved them hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars each year, while significantly reducing paper waste. 


Prior to implementing OrangeHRM, Rutgers DoCL had no automated system to manage hiring, leave requests, and time tracking. As a result, the HR department was drowning in paperwork. With OrangeHRM’s software, Rutgers has significantly cut down on the time HR staff spends on manual work, freeing them up to work on strategic initiatives, and taking care of their employees.

The DoCL decided to use OrangeHRM to give their employees more control with an HR system they can access and leverage to avoid time-consuming and paper-heavy manual processes.

OrangeHRM is integrated with its other business applications, making it easy for the DoCL to share information and data with the other systems used by the university. 


Rutgers hires many student workers and without any recruitment software.  They receive far too many emails and application forms to keep up with. With OrangeHRM’s recruitment features, the department can now post jobs directly to the student employment site, streamlining the entire process—from candidate application to job offer.  Not only is the process seamless, but OrangeHRM has reduced the workload of three staff members by four to six hours per week which each employee now uses for other projects. 

 “With OrangeHRM we managed to save about 10 days of processing time every month.”

Request Desk

Once a new employee is hired, OrangeHRM’s HelpDesk feature assists with the onboarding and all HR-related requests, keeping all involved departments aware of the next steps and status. No more tracking emails! 

In addition to onboarding employees, the helpdesk feature is used to track a variety of employee requests such as; compliance, benefits, paid time off, resignation, and termination. The feature is extremely beneficial as employees are able to submit their requests as a helpdesk ticket directly into the HR queue. Additionally, these helpdesk tickets streamline communication with managers regarding tracking progress and documentation. Housing all communications and documents into one HelpDesk ticket makes referencing prior requests easy since they are all in one place. 

“We saved 50% of the time spent on administrative work, avoided the need to hire two more staff members and saved significantly on paper waste.”

Leave Management

Properly tracking employee PTO/Leave was one of the department’s greatest challenges.  With no automated system to collect and keep track of staff absences, the office received emails requesting PTO randomly throughout the day, including canceled or change requests. 

With OrangeHRM, staff can easily apply for leave online, and supervisors can more consistently follow up with requests and approve or deny them. 

“The leave module has cut down our entry process tremendously,” says Saldego. She estimates that tracking and reporting on leave with OrangeHRM instead of managing leave manually by email has freed up 20 percent of one employee’s time. 

“The leave module has cut down our entry process tremendously and now we have one extra day per week that an employee can devote to other job duties!”

Time Tracking

Prior to using OrangeHRM, many departments at Rutgers were tracking employees’ time on paper, which was time-consuming and error-prone. OrangeHRM also integrates seamlessly with ISGUS, a time-tracking device provider and OrangeHRM partner.


OrangeHRM’s software solutions have changed the face of HR for Rutgers University’s DoCL, improving accuracy, reducing paperwork, increasing accountability, and saving them time and money.

“In addition to streamlining processes, we have cut down a large amount of staff time, whereby staff is now able to focus on more face-to-face discussions, as opposed to an overwhelming amount of paperwork drowning our office,” says Saldego.

“We have easily cut down 50 percent of our time with the Help Desk Ticketing module,” says Saldego.  “On top of that, we do not need to hire additional support staff. We would have needed additional staff members if we did not have this system.”  That adds up to savings of over $166,000 per year!