Owner and founder of The Human Resources Solutions Group

Jacquelyn Beneby




Nassau, Bahamas





The Human Resources Solutions Group: Helping SMEs Grow with Comprehensive and Affordable HR Software


Founded in 2014, The Human Resources Solutions Group is a human resources consultant business located in the Bahamas.  The Human Resources Solutions Group assists a variety of small and mid-sized businesses in getting their human resources departments up and running in compliance with local laws, as well as helping companies mitigate their HR risk.


As an HR consultant, Jacquelyn Beneby finds that the challenges most small and mid-sized businesses face in HR are record-keeping, managing applicants, and handling employee leave, particularly proper tracking. The first thing she does when going into an organization is finding ways to minimize paper—a problem inherent with all human resources departments.  The key, she finds, is implementing HRM software to address these challenges. 

However, she wanted to ensure the software she recommends meets her clients’ needs. “When looking at the available HR software, I was looking for something that was easily accessible, would always have good support behind it, and that would do everything the client required,” she says.

OrangeHRM ticked all the boxes:

  • Provides an easy-to-use interface for her clients
  • Allows for the centralization of documentation, reducing paper
  • Allows for proper tracking of not only leave requests but also of applicants applying to the company


Performance Management

“It’s so easy, they have everything at their fingertips, and the proper records for each employee.”

For many of The Human Resources Solutions Group’s clients, keeping up with the performance management of their staff is challenging. However, doing so effectively and efficiently is of paramount importance from a legal aspect. “Helping them understand the need for a realistic approach was key, and OrangeHRM made that easy,” Jacquelyn says.

With OrangeHRM’s Performance Management module, Jacquelyn’s clients can set goals for their employees, track them, and go back and see how each employee is managing in relation to the goals set for them. With performance management software, there’s no physical file cabinet the HR manager must go to.  Everything is downloaded and accessible online, making it possible for employees to keep track of their goals and for HR managers to keep track of competencies assigned to each position.  “It’s so easy,” says Jacquelyn.  “They have everything at their fingertips, and the proper records for each employee.”


“It makes the process seamless… Having one platform that allows you to transition seamlessly in recruiting and refer to past applicants with ease is helpful.”

OrangeHRM’s Recruitment module was a big selling point for Jacquelyn, and one she recommends to her clients to streamline hiring.  When managing multiple applicants for one position, HR can easily assign each individual applicant to a specific hiring manager so one person is not responsible for every application.  Once the workflow is set up for that position, OrangeHRM’s software makes the entire course of action effortless—sending notifications to both the interviewer and interviewee when an interview is scheduled as well as reminding HR to send out notices of acceptance, rejection, or next steps.  “It makes the process seamless,” Jacquelyn says.  

When hiring, most small to mid-sized companies want to see comments from interviews without having to rifle through stacks of papers. Once again, OrangeHRM provides a straightforward solution, putting everything in one place so decision-makers can easily see all interviewees’ comments.  “Having one platform that allows you to transition seamlessly in recruiting and refer to past applicants with ease is helpful,” says Jacquelyn.

Leave Management 

“Leave management is one of my favorite modules.”

OrangeHRM’s software streamlines leave management for The HR Solutions Groups’ clients, saving time and helping HR departments avoid legal issues over discrepancies.  Upon setup, OrangeHRM’s implementation team produces a customized “leave rules” document based on the client’s individual parameters (for example, such as whether leave is based on accrual or calendar year).  This is generated when an employee is first hired and does not need to be updated unless something changes.  These rules are then applied to each employee’s leave. Tracking leave couldn’t be simpler.  HR departments can also pull up detailed reports for leave taken by an employee in past years, a feature that eliminates challenges to unpaid leave at an employee’s termination. 

OrangeHRM’s leave management software also makes it equally easy for employees to apply for leave and for managers to approve said leave from wherever they are on their cell phone or laptop, thanks to HRM’s access via the cloud or mobile app.  There’s no need for managers to go into the office to sign off on a form. And the employee doesn’t have to wait for approval; they are notified via the software system once their leave is approved. “Leave management is one of my favorite modules,” says Jacquelyn.


“OrangeHRM had all the features my clients needed and was within their budget”

First and foremost, The Human Resources Solutions Group focuses on small and mid-sized businesses, which means budget is always a factor. Jacquelyn found that the pricing for OrangeHRM’s product was very competitive for the products it provides in comparison to other available HRM software, most of which don’t have all the robust features of OrangeHRM. “OrangeHRM had all the features my clients needed and was within their budget, which was the first criteria.”

Her second criteria was ease of use. “Convenience of use was of paramount importance when choosing software for my clients.” She found that while other companies have multiple software that are used across the platform, OrangeHRM is on the cloud, so the staff has access to it no matter where they are, even if they don’t have access to shared folders or other drives within the organization. 

Last, but not least, OrangeHRM’s unparalleled customer support, implementation, and training made them the easy choice for Jacquelyn to recommend to her clients.  Not only did she get an implementation guide for each client, but OrangeHRM’s customer support walks her clients through the process and provides training at their convenience. “They’re very knowledgeable and very quick to respond.” 

Because it’s so easy for Jacquelyn and her clients to get a response in a timely manner, they’re able to address issues promptly or have OrangeHRM resolve the problem for them.  “And they walk you through how to correct it moving forward as well,” she adds. “OrangeHRM’s customer support makes it very easy, and the professionalism of that support is remarkable.”