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OrangeHRM Assists Waiting Room Solutions in Meeting Their Expanding Human Resources Needs

“We just rolled OrangeHRM’s modules out. The employees have received the system very well.”


As a leading Electronic Medical Record (EMR) & Practice Management System for physicians’ offices, Waiting Room Solutions (WRS) was experiencing a growth spurt. WRS needed to find an affordable human resources software product to manage its growing number of employees as well as the human resources functions that are necessary to support Waiting Room Solutions continued growth.


Waiting Room Solutions needed a central place to collect and maintain employees’ personal information as well as their job-related information, such as their employment start date and salary numbers. WRS was at a point in time where the company was looking to implement performance review procedures and salary adjustments in correlation to reviews. Furthermore, the company needed to know which areas it may add personnel to as the company expands so they were also interested in a recruitment solution. WRS was also seeking to maintain timesheets internally to track how and where the employees’ time is spent.


Employee Management & HR Administration

After implementing OrangeHRM, WRS now has an online space to hold all employment agreements and signed pages. WRS can also upload the sign-off pages for the employee handbook and any payroll-related forms and review forms to the system to avoid piles of paper and filing cabinets and to allow easy access to information. 

“We upload them so we have them all in one place and all of Waiting Room Solutions' upper management can access them if they need to.” 

Furthermore, since each employee has online access to OrangeHRM, they are able to simply log in, review and update their personal information as appropriate without going through the hassle of informing the HR team who then has to scour through paper to update the information. 

Time Tracking

With most WRS employees being salary based, and since WRS is a small organization in growth mode, it was important for the HR team to measure where the employee time, the biggest asset of the company was spent on. With OrangeHRM, WRS was able to easily achieve key insights into how the time was being spent with the timesheet feature which allows to record where the time was spent on a daily or project basis.

“We needed to know how we will be adding to our team and what areas we will be adding people to. We have created a detailed list of activities for each person’s job. Everybody is tracking their time at this point.”  

Leave/PTO Management

By using OrangeHRM’s Leave/PTO Management module, WRS has been able to set up its PTO accrual policies, allow employees to directly apply for leave online, and allow their direct reports to easily approve the requests. 

“Employees have received it pretty well. It’s a very good solution for what we need.”


Commenting on the solution for WRS, Shaun Bradley, the Training Consultant associated with OrangeHRM said companies like Waiting Room Solutions have to maintain employee data by the book in order to provide the right information to employees. “You can’t just use Excel to maintain records because the security levels that you need to maintain for employee data are very high. OrangeHRM’s employee self-service module reduces so much burden for the typical HR person in his day-to-day work. The employees don’t have to walk into the HR department. What we have seen with most clients is that most of the leave management is totally paper-based. You have to walk into HR, fill out a form and give it to the HR department. The HR department will have to get it to supervisors for approval. Employees have to wait for the paper to be approved or rejected.” 

With OrangeHRM’s employee self-serve capability, employees have their own log-in which they can use to view personal data, view their leave summary, update timesheets and so much more. For example, once an employee applies for leave, an e-mail is automatically sent to the supervisor or HR department so that whoever has approval can log in and approve the leave. The employee is happy because he/she receives a quick reply. 

“Now I can locate employment agreements or salary information very quickly and easily.”

Carr couldn’t agree more with Bradley on how OrangeHRM has helped her efficiently complete human resources tasks. Emphasizing that OrangeHRM allows Waiting Room Solutions to have a central repository of all employee information, Carr said, “Now I can locate employment agreements or salary information very quickly and easily. The upper management can access this information if they need to. The timesheet management is going to become very helpful to us as we grow and we determine where we need to add labor resources.” 

“We just rolled OrangeHRM’s modules out. The employees have received the system very well.”

OrangeHRM provides a complete and customizable HR solution that enables organizations to perform all HR operations with ease. An industry leader in human resource management, its secure web-based software helps organizations manage their people, talent, and HR processes across the globe.