OrangeHRM Partners

Our partners play a key role in the success of our clients. They expertly guide customers through the entire lifecycle. They work closely to help clients select the right HR modules and augment OrangeHRM with complimentary applications to deliver a unique solution. OrangeHRM partners are fully trained in OrangeHRM and are backed by OrangeHRM support team. All OrangeHRM integration partners maintain OrangeHRM Certified Trainers with deep expertise in targeted solutions and industry specialization.


orangehrm partners map


Our reselling partners ensure our customers take full advantage of the innovation and value in OrangeHRM. They sell and deploy solutions across industries and around the globe. Like OrangeHRM, our reselling partners are fully invested in each customer’s HRM success.

Integration Partners

These partners specialize in professional services around OrangeHRM and have extensive experience in delivering HRIS projects. Many are local, enterprise-capable delivery partners who understand specifics of your country’s rules, regulations and culture.