Referral Partnership Program

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The Referral Partnership Program provides you with all that you need so you can recommend the world’s leading HRIS to the small startup or global enterprise. Learn how you can swing our partner relationships into revenue and earn worthy commissions.

    1. Generate leads within satisfied customers

    2. Show them why our recommended HR software is an advancement to client’s daily administration needs

    3. You can enjoy referral commissions by just passing the lead to us.

    4. We will handle it from there and close the deals so you have

    5. You can help your existing clients and new potential prospects streamline their HR processes  

The process of our Referral Partnership Program

  • Commence through the agreement

  • An introduction and initial pitch to OrangeHRM using our marketing materials

  • When confirmed pass on the lead to OrangeHRM

  • Process it

  • Enjoy commissions

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