OrangeHRM Enterprise for Multi National Corporates

OrangeHRM Enterprise

As an extendable version of OrangeHRM Professional, Enterprise offers a choice of specialized modules designed to give you seamless, centralized HR governance across your global business concerns.

The Enterprise edition is a robust and scalable system with configurable workflows, custom reports, advanced rule-based engines and superb customer support. Pricing of OrangeHRM Enterprise, like Professional, is based on the modules you select and the number of employees served by the system.

Deploy OrangeHRM Enterprise when you need a flexible HR environment that saves you time and budget in multi-national settings.

Modules included in OrangeHRM Enterprise include:

System Administration & User Roles

Aimed at the HR manager serving global enterprises, the System Administration module offers you stable, centralized control of your core HR functions. This module includes an extensive set of tools to provide, manipulate and extract the data you need to create a secure, highly functional HR environment.

Personnel Information Management (PIM)

Included with the base system, the Personal Information Management (PIM) module of OrangeHRM helps you develop a centralized employee database with ease. Enjoy fast, efficient access to your information through selection and filter criteria you create. Marshalling data from diverse geographical locations for use at your fingertips, this module pairs powerful capability with an intuitive interface.

Leave /Time off Management

Configure the Leave/Time off management module of OrangeHRM to suit your local and international policies, dates and calendaring system. This adaptable module creates reports using select filters, generates CSV extractions and allows you to receive automatic E-mail notices for employees on leave.
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Time & Attendance Management

Make strategic HR decisions based on accurately reported data with the Time and Attendance management module. Timesheets, attendance, task and project management are ably handled by this module. Create reports and overviews from information entered manually or through a biometric device. Increase your capabilities as an HR manager without increasing your staff or budget.


Module features configurable workflows to suit your company, department or specific vacancies. Reach 1000's of job boards around the world for sourcing and build a rich database of prime candidates.
The built-in interview assistant will allow you to conduct structured interviews and using cognitive computing from IBM Watson our decision support system will provide you with personality insights and predictive analytics to hire the right candidate.
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The OrangeHRM Performance module gives you the ability to create custom performance evaluations and self-scaling employee assessments that key into company performance indicators and job expectations. Managers and employees look to HR for well-structured performance reviews.


Maintenance and development of skills for job productivity is the aim of this OrangeHRM Enterprise Training module. When you need to centrally manage, plan or staff a training program, the Training module keeps your program and employee progress on track.


The OrangeHRM Professional Dashboard module integrates information from multiple modules into a unified display. The module gives you a clean, user-friendly interface with real-time trend graphs, lists of pending HR tasks, quick launch panel and reporting functions.

Asset Tracker

Combining integrated asset management with preventative maintenance features,the OrangeHRM Asset Tracker module offers exceptional value to managers and administrative users. Improve operational efficiency, tighten inventory control and maintain detailed asset information and status with this robust inventory management module.

Onboarding and Offboarding

Effectively manage employee transitions with the user-friendly OrangeHRM onboarding / offboarding module.

Tracking paperwork and policies during your recruitment and termination phases is essential to efficient and secure corporate management. Increase productivity and decrease risk of legal issues related to the hiring cycle with this full-featured OrangeHRM module.

Document Manager

Create different document templates such as, employee contracts, appointment letters, employee termination letters and export these documents from employee profiles into PDF for printing.

The document manager makes it easy to create, distribute and store documents that are confidential and/or specific to a particular function such as on-boarding a new employee, completing a performance review, or any other task.

disciplinary Tracking

It is important to document all steps associated with handling discipline with staff. Now with OrangeHRM you can track and maintain all cases and actions with ease.


The OrangeApp makes your HR environment as adaptable as you are. Enjoy the power and flexibility to monitor and manage HR services when you are away from the office.

Use your Android device, iPhone or iPad to review requests for leave, manage a personal profile and timesheets. When you need access to your OrangeHRM system, this intuitive app has the features you need—where you need them.

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