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Efficiently Managing Onboarding of New Hires

By OrangeHRM May 8, 2014

Imagine a world where the hiring manager gets to experience the joy of bringing new employees onboard without worrying that something will get lost in the process. Now, imagine how that can affect the overall productivity of a company? Onboarding is a solution that offers more than just a way to orient new hires to the company. It supports the successful future of every employee from the anticipated start date of your organization’s most valuable asset – people.


Onboarding – What is it all About?

In no time at all, a structured onboarding process can have a positive impact on a business. Yet, many do not clearly understand what onboarding is or how it promotes higher levels of long-term employee output. In a nutshell, onboarding is the process of bringing new employees into the company in a seamless manner so they may become productive in less time. This often starts at the recruitment phase as part of an applicant tracking system, then moves into the HRIS where all employee data is managed for the life of the employment relationship.

The main reason for onboarding is to get new hires ramped up quickly so they can get to work for your business, and give you a positive return on your staffing investment.


Reasons for a Structured Onboarding System

When evaluating your current onboarding process, how organized and efficient is it for your needs? Does information often get lost, important steps get skipped, or the tasks become overwhelming during peak hiring campaigns? A lot can be said for having a structured employee onboarding system that handles all of this in one central dashboard. Keeping things consistent, and having a way to oversee all onboarding needs means your team can handle this with ease instead of frustration.

There are several reasons to have a structured onboarding system, which include:

  • A way to manage the influx of new hire paperwork, reference checks and background screening
  • Option to set up technology credentials and building security access in advance of start dates
  • Providing all the tools and equipment needed to safely perform the duties of the job
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Avoiding the Pitfalls of a Poorly Managed Onboarding Process

Oftentimes, companies learn the hard way what can go wrong with a poorly managed onboarding system. New hire paperwork can get lost or is not completed to meet government mandates, employees can become confused about company policies, critical security measures are forgotten, and errors happen. These are mistakes that can put your company at risk for future lawsuits and even serious threats to your workplace and existing employees.

In a [recent presentation] conducted by OrangeHRM, a scenario was introduced involving what could be an average company faced with multiple new hires. In a very short period of time, due to a lack of a real onboarding solution, a number of steps were missed in this process of bringing just a few new hires into the company. When multiplied by a large recruitment effort or a more complex hire, just think of what could go wrong.

Your company doesn’t need to face the hassle of a poorly handled onboarding system. Instead, there is a powerful solution available to you with OrangeHRM.