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How can an HRIS help retain the best talent?

By Dinura Ediriweera Nov 11, 2021

Why do people quit?

People quit for many reasons. Most of the time, the common perception is that people quit because of having bad relationships with their managers or because they are not paid enough. However, there’s so much more to quitting than what meets the eye. 

study conducted on Facebook employees who quit their job found that the reason why they quit was not because of managers nor the pay. It was because they felt that their job is not enjoyable, their talents and strengths are not utilized as they’d like to, and because they felt that they were not getting an opportunity to develop in their career path as they had planned. In the end, it’s not about the relationship with the manager, but more about how the manager decides to utilize the talent and what kind of an environment is created within the team.

That’s why it’s important to pay attention to these areas in order to stop your best people from leaving you. As a manager, you definitely look into all these areas in your day-to-day activities, but it’s possible that you miss out on minute but key details due to the clutter of work on your plate. This is where an HRIS comes in handy to see through all the clutter and address the red flags while also identifying the green ones. 

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Utilizing an HRIS to your benefit

An HRIS offers many benefits to an HR department. A basic HRIS can take away the trouble of daily administrative tasks by housing all your employee information in one place, automating PTO requests and approvals, etc. saving you tons of time. A full-blown HRIS such as OrangeHRM on the other hand can provide you those capabilities and many more such as the ability to conduct online performance reviews, build career development plans, conduct training, and get advanced analytics to name a few. You can then use the collective power of all these capabilities to build a strong employee retention strategy in your organization. Below is how you can do it.

First, the Performance Management module of OrangeHRM provides you the ability to appraise your employees on a basis that works best for your organization. Whether it be annually, quarterly or monthly, it can help you get a 360° view of an employee through their supervisors, peers, and themselves in just a matter of few clicks. This information is then presented in numerical ratings that allow you to easily track any improvements or drops in your employees’ performance and identify where the impact is. All this data is then synced with the Career Development module which uses a 9-box matrix to categorize the employees who are thriving, who needs help, etc. so you can easily identify where to focus your retention efforts on. In addition to that, the OrangeHRM Reporting and Analytics module also allows you to gain insights about things such as the PTO usage levels, hours worked by an employee, inconsistencies in attendance, etc. which will show you a well-rounded picture that is not visible to the naked eye.

After gathering all this information, you can then use OrangeHRM’s Training module to plan personalized training courses for the employees that need help or create individual development plans to address the red flags that could lead to a resignation. This way you can use an HRIS to help retain the best talent within your organization and reduce your employee turnover. 

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