OrangeHRM and BSI Introduce Virtual Interviews with the World’s Most Popular Free HRM Software

By OrangeHRM | Published on Nov 30, 2011 | minute read

Among the emerging HRM practices, Video interviewing or Virtual Interviewing has taken precedence in the market place. OrangeHRM will provide BSI's state-of-the-art Int-R-View Portfolio SaaS talent acquisition solution with online job application, resume upload, and video interviewing. Best Practices for Using Video Interviewing for Recruiting Video interviewing can dramatically improve a company’s recruiting process. The benefits of video interviewing can be numerous and can include: accelerated time to hire, reduced cost of hire, increased quality of hires, expanded hiring pool, improved candidate satisfaction and retention, simplified consideration process, improved compliance, and more. In terms of best practices for using video interviewing in recruiting, we have learned that companies see the best results when they:

  1. Make recording a video interview a required, and not optional, part of the application process. We found that it is best if this is clearly stated in the job posting as well as the job application.
  2. Design the online job application with sorting criteria to help sort applicants based on required or desired qualifications for the job.
  3. Arrange the video interview process to immediately (without interrupt or delay) follow the job application and resume submission so applicants understand how important the video interview is in the decision process. Following this process, applicants will be compelled and motivated to record an interview which is advantageous for the recruiter / employer.
  4. Carefully craft the interview questions. The questions asked in the interview system should be relevant to the position and reveal the applicant’s skills in a way that is meaningful to the recruiter and hiring manager. It is also recommended that applicants be requested to provide specific examples in their video responses.
  5. Establish a time limit for each response. The amount of time given to answer each question should not add up to more than 5-7 minutes. Brevity is important in getting to the point. We recommend 5-7 questions with no more than 1 minute allowed per response.

OrangeHRM Video Interviewing will be available as a plug-in in the OrangeHRM Market Place. Read Press Release on OrangeHRM Video/Virtual Interviewing Learn more about OrangeHRM Video/Virtual Interviewing Visit OrangeHRM Market Place for the Video Interviewing Plug-in