The HR Dictionary

Exit Interview

An interview held with an employee about to leave an organization, typically in order to discuss the employee's reasons for leaving and their experience of working for the organization. An organization can evaluate what needs to be improved, altered, or kept the same using the knowledge acquired from an exit interview. A company can also use the findings from exit interviews to boost productivity and engagement, lower employee turnover, and reduce the high expenses related to turnover. Shortening the hiring and recruiting process, lowering absenteeism, fostering innovation, maintaining performance, and preventing potential lawsuits are a few examples of the benefits of conducting exit interviews.

An off-boarding procedure enables the employer and employee to smoothly wrap up the working relationship by gathering corporate resources, completing administrative forms, transferring or documenting projects and knowledge bases, getting feedback from exit interviews, tying up any loose ends and more. Most organizations use the employee off-boarding tools available in HR software for the management of such processes.