20th November 2019
Why Do Employees Quit ? And How Do We Retain Top Talent ?
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Losing a valued employee provides an important learning opportunity for organizations if leaders are willing to reflect on and identify the root cause of such a loss.

15th November 2019
5 ways to stop trawling through spreadsheets today and manage Employee information Securely and Efficiently
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IF HR is taking your time away from your schedule, you might need to consider...

15th October 2019
OrangeHRM Partners Good Hire and Empowers you to make Better Recruitment

Practicing topnotch prospect management and offering superior candidate care can help HR Teams pick the right person...

8th October 2019
Lessons from Thomas Cook. And Why Partnerships Matter!
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A couple of days ago the world shook over the declaration of bankruptcy of the German Holiday Airline Giant, Thomas Cook. 

1st October 2019
5 Reasons why Humor at work Produces Better Results
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"A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done.

26th September 2019
How do you Know or Measure if your HR is delivering everything in the most effective way possible?
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HR Teams can now quantify and present the number of tasks or amount of work done by them.

16th August 2019
Philippines Biggest Employee Health & Wellness Forum is coming up! Save the Date
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9th August 2019
5 ways to be a good listener when everybody else in the world is talking?
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5th August 2019
Effective Performance Management for Organizational Success: OKR Vs MBO.
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“If you set your goals ridiculously high and its a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success”

23rd July 2019
5 Signs of burnout and how to deal with them?
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If you feel you can relate to most of the above it is clear that you are close to burning out. These symptoms may be similar to depression, so it is recommended that you get help from a medical professional to identify between the two.

9th July 2019
A Good HR Management System(HRMS) = Happy Employees = Happy Customers = Increased Profitability
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Internal customers are the most important asset of an organization, without which an organization will not be able to run its business.

8th July 2019
D2D HRM as opposed to Strategic HRM
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In order for an organization to be successful and have an edge over their competition, both these functions need to have the right people

4th July 2019
How does the new Performance module support Continuous Goal Evaluation?
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You can now implement dynamic goal setting throughout 

2nd July 2019
Explore Time
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You can now experience enhanced project performance under Time module as you can 

18th June 2019
We have made the Core module great again!
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New convenient HELP button- OrangeHRM’s new HELP platform replaces OrangeHRM University and includes new source of learning and training from keyword search, product feature articles to FAQs. We are...

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