26th January 2022
OrangeHRM Releases Version 7.4!
OrangeHRMs Releases Version 7.4

OrangeHRM recently released version 7.4 bringing in upgrades to its Training, Performance, and PIM modules.

10th December 2021
How can free HR management software help your company?
How can free HR management software help your company

HR management is not simply maintaining employee records anymore. HRM over the years has evolved into being one of the most important departments helping to direct human resources towards achieving organizational objectives.

11th November 2021
How can an HRIS help retain the best talent?
How can an HRIS help retain the best talent

People quit for many reasons. Most of the time, the common perception is that people quit because of having bad relationships with their managers or because they are not paid enough. However, there’s so much more to quitting than what meets the eye.

21st September 2021
A Guide to Data Security in an HRIS

Spreadsheets, filing cabinets, and document folders are a thing of the past even for HR departments. The development of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) provides HR teams the tools required for multiple HR functions like employee management, attendance and time tracking, performance management, PTO/leave management and so much more.

3rd August 2021
The Importance of Employee Appreciation at the Workplace

According to a recent poll conducted by Tjinsite, a division of TimeJobs.com, it has been found that 35% of employees feel that lack of appreciation and recognition at the workplace is a critical factor that decreases their productivity levels over time. Another study conducted by the

15th July 2021
The OrangeHRM Corporate Directory
Screenshot of the OrangeHRM Corporate Directory

We all have been in situations where we want to find the contact details of another employee but it's not available. At least not easily! What would mostly happen is that you would ask another colleague or two who could have the contact information of the person you are looking for.

4th June 2021
Is remote working going to stick around after the pandemic?
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It has been over a year since COVID-19 hit the world by surprise and forced all of us into social distancing

3rd May 2021
Attendance Management Redefined.
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In the world of HR, attendance tracking is a basic activity and it is core to almost every other thing you do. Whether it be performance appraisals, payroll, reporting or leave management, you need the attendance data of your employees.

25th March 2021
OrangeHRM to Release Version 7.1
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Version 7.1 of OrangeHRM comes after the most recent release of version 7.0.2 in February and the previous flagship version of 7.0 in December 2020. This latest upgrade brings several improvements to the.....

25th February 2021
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The need for quick, precise and convenient decision making based on actual employee data is more important than ever before...

8th December 2020
The Remote Working Starter
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With the global pandemic, more and more people working in the safety of their own homes, organizations have come to rethink...

18th November 2020
Where do you stack up?
handshake onboarding picture

25% of businesses say that they don’t even offer a formal onboarding. Take this free test to learn...

2nd November 2020
Are you already imposing serious risks on your data security?
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If you are using the same old passwords for your systems and applications, you need to stop doing that and protect your data and privacy...

30th October 2020
Make your HR experience a Useful one with this years Most Convenient Enterprise Version
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If you are having a hard time taking on with the number of appraisal cycles to sort by the end of the period, you can put your game together with Enterprise 6.5.18

6th October 2020
Spreadsheets to HRMS – A Buyer’s Guide
spreadsheets to HRMS2

As you start to look for an HRM or HRIS for your business, there are a few major details you need to think of before making that jump

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