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MOST POPULAR Jul 25, 2022

OrangeHRM Releases Version 7.6

OrangeHRM is pleased to announce the release of version 7.6. This upgrade contains further enhancements to the most recent 7.5 version which was released on 1st April 2022. Some of the main improvements of version 7.6 include an enhanced Candidate List, under-the-hood changes that allow better filtering, more shortcut capabilities, and UI improvements that enable better usability for the end user.

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OrangeHRM wins the award for Best

Jun 13, 2022

OrangeHRM Wins Best Comprehensive Solution at the 2022 HR Tech Awards!

OrangeHRM is a robust and flexible HRMS solution with a wide range of features to help you manage all your HRM challenges. OrangeHRM offers many modules such as Recruitment, Onboarding, Employee Management, Performance Management, 

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OrangeHRM Starter

Jun 13, 2022

OrangeHRM Starter gets a fresh makeover!

The free & open-source HRMS of OrangeHRM, the OrangeHRM Starter was recently upgraded to the 5.0 version which brings major improvements to its user interface, user experience, and the technology stack. This upgrade will now be available to all 5 million+ OrangeHRM users worldwide and anyone that downloads the app.

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2022 HR Category Leader by SourceForge

May 10, 2022

OrangeHRM is named as a 2022 HR Category Leader by SourceForge!

Further solidifying its claim to be the best free and open-source HR software in the market, OrangeHRM has been recognized as an HR Software Category Leader by SourceForge, a world-leading software reviews and comparison website.

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SourceForge Community Awards

Mar 31, 2022

OrangeHRM Declared a Four-Time Winner at SourceForge Community Awards 2022

OrangeHRM’s starter version—the free and open source version of the company’s HR software—dominated the SourceForge’s 2022 Community Awards, clinching awards in multiple categories.  OrangeHRM received the following awards:

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OrangeHRMs Version 7.5 is Out

Mar 13, 2022

OrangeHRM to Release Version 7.5!

OrangeHRM’s 7.5 release brings powerful improvements to its system UI, Reporting & Analytics module, and OrangeHRM’s own employee engagement & social media platform the OrangeHRM Buzz.

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OrangeHRMs Releases Version 7 v2.4

Jan 26, 2022

OrangeHRM Releases Version 7.4!

OrangeHRM recently released version 7.4 bringing in upgrades to its Training, Performance, and PIM modules. 

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How can free HR management software help your company

Dec 10, 2021

How can free HR management software help your company?

HR management is not simply maintaining employee records anymore. HRM over the years has evolved into being one of the most important departments helping to direct human resources towards achieving organizational objectives. 

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How can an HRIS help retain the best talent

Nov 11, 2021

How can an HRIS help retain the best talent?

People quit for many reasons. Most of the time, the common perception is that people quit because of having bad relationships with their managers or because they are not paid enough. However, there’s so much more to quitting than what meets the eye.

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A Guide to Data Security in an HRIS

Sep 21, 2021

A Guide to Data Security in an HRIS

Spreadsheets, filing cabinets, and document folders are a thing of the past even for HR departments. The development of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) provides HR teams the tools required for multiple HR functions like employee management, attendance and time tracking, performance management, PTO/leave management and so much more.

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The Importance of Employe

Aug 3, 2021

The Importance of Employee Appreciation at the Workplace

According to a recent poll conducted by Tjinsite, a division of, it has been found that 35% of employees feel that lack of appreciation and recognition at the workplace is a critical factor that decreases their productivity levels over time. Another study conducted by the

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Corporate Directory 1

Jul 15, 2021

The OrangeHRM Corporate Directory

We all have been in situations where we want to find the contact details of another employee but it's not available. At least not easily! What would mostly happen is that you would ask another colleague or two who could have the contact information of the person you are looking for. 

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A man working from home

Jun 4, 2021

Is remote working going to stick around after the pandemic?

It has been over a year since COVID-19 hit the world by surprise and forced all of us into social distancing

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Attendance Management Redefined.

May 3, 2021

Attendance Management Redefined.

In the world of HR, attendance tracking is a basic activity and it is core to almost every other thing you do. Whether it be performance appraisals, payroll, reporting or leave management, you need the attendance data of your employees. 

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OrangeHRM to Release Version 7.1

Mar 25, 2021

OrangeHRM to Release Version 7.1

Version 7.1 of OrangeHRM comes after the most recent release of version 7.0.2 in February and the previous flagship version of 7.0 in December 2020. This latest upgrade brings several improvements to the

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HR Tech is Influencing Human Capital Management in Straya

Jan 24, 2020

HR Tech is Influencing Human Capital Management in Straya

No matter what industry sector you’re in, an HR Management System can provide a wealth of information to help you and your organisation perform better. It is of much benefit to an organisation to understand their workforce. Through insights gained from HR Technology, they become aware of where the employee is at, and how they feel about their experiences.

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The Goal Driven Millennial

Jan 9, 2020

The Goal-Driven Millennial: The real reason behind Rising Retention

 Improve people to do better in their present role, while also contributing to their development as individuals. Here's why you should start now