6th October 2020
Spreadsheets to HRMS – A Buyer’s Guide
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As you start to look for an HRM or HRIS for your business, there are a few major details you need to think of before making that jump

10th September 2020
The State of PTO then and now
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When the snow starts to melt, every HR manager knows what time it is

12th August 2020
Performance Management: The good, the bad, and the ugly
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Performance Management seems to be a hot topic right now and you won't want to miss this eBook to see what made the "bad" and the "ugly" list.

16th July 2020
OrangeHRM Releases the Latest Update of the World’s Leading HCM Software: Version 6.5.14

New Jersey based World renowned HR Software Company OrangeHRM, announces a number of new features and enhancements with its latest update

25th June 2020
Looking for a Request Desk Solution that Ensures a Job is Done?
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Like customers, employees in your organization too, have many

29th May 2020
Overcome the Massive Changes & Challenges with an easy to use Online Training Software
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03 Reasons Why Online Training is Best

11th April 2020
OrangeHRM Releases Version 6.5.11, the Latest Update of Its World’s Leading Human Resources Management Software.

OrangeHRM has also made significant improvements to enhance the user experience of the system and enable employees

8th April 2020
Enjoy a Better Experience on the Move

This latest release of OrangeHRM’s Mobile App - Version 2.5, can now be downloaded...

6th April 2020
OrangeHRM’s Latest Update of its Open Source Software is now available for Download.
OS 5.3.5

This latest release of OrangeHRM’s comprehensive, free, feature-rich, and user-friendly Open Source Human Resources Management System covers...

16th March 2020
The Covid19 Crisis: How to practice productive Remote Working and why is it the safer choice?
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Corporates across the world have advised employees to work remotely...

24th January 2020
HR Tech is Influencing Human Capital Management in Straya
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No matter what industry sector you’re in, an HR Management System can provide a wealth of information to help you and your organisation perform better. It is of much benefit to an organisation to understand their workforce. 

22nd January 2020
OrangeHRM’s Strategic Partnership with Definitiv ensures you a World Class Payroll Solution.

OrangeHRM, the World’s Most Popular & Friendliest HR Management System now has joined forces with one of the fastest, most accurate single touch payroll systems named Definitiv, a Payroll software company. 

9th January 2020
The Goal-Driven Millennial: The real reason behind Rising Retention
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 Improve people to do better in their present role, while also contributing to their development as individuals. Here's why you should start now


25th December 2019
Santa’s Best Practices for Individuals & Organisations.
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There are some very very valuable lessons we can learn from this portly, jolly, white-bearded character who is depicted wearing a red coat...

3rd December 2019
The generation to its Boom
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"These were not pushing my employees any further and were no longer motivated by this management style. Generation X was over.”


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